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Strange Thing

I've never deliberately tried to go down the road of replicas. Partly because I didn't need to, partly because I didn't feel up to making something of the required quality. But above all, I have always been attracted by the idea of searching, experimenting, playing with alternative forms, ideas. And so here we are.

It represents a new step in the search for an original design combined with functional solutions. The soundholes are strongly off-center to direct the sound towards the musician, not just the audience. The design in general is asymmetrical to avoid overlapping harmonics, kneading the sound, especially in recording. Fanned frets for the best bass and treble. Contoured neck to have access to the fretboard right down to the last fret. Single metal saddles and zero-fret nut to enhance the metal of the strings. It's strange, it's a strange thing

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